Monday, April 12, 2010


I finally had the patience to try a few different things and I got this thing to upload my pictures! I had tried like 5 times before and it always messed up! It took two hours but I got them all loaded even if they are super tiny!

Here are some pics from my birthday and some other random ones! Buck and I went to downtown Denver the first weekend in April to celebrate my birthday. We went to an Avalanche (hockey) game and stayed in a nice hotel and just hung out! It was really fun and nice to get away for a couple days.

My gifts from Buck's sisters LOVE THEM!!

These are a couple of my presents from Buck a cute sweater and tank from Gap and this super sweet book called "Why I Love You - 100 reasons" Can I hear an "Aww"... he surprised me when I woke up at the hotel. It was SO sweet!

This is another of my presents from Buck a cross made out of olddd barbed wire with an iron cut out of the brand I am trying to get in the middle. He is so creative! I love it!

Zip is getting SO big!

Buck got a new mare a couple weeks ago. Her name is Susie & he pretty much loves her

My sister Ella painted this. They are different types of something the middle one is monochromatic and the other ones are some other fancy name. She used one of the pictures from Jenni's wedding by Kimberly Bee as her guide. Sometimes I wonder how both my sisters are so artistic and I didn't get those genes! :]

At the Av's Game.... and sadly this is the best picture we have from the whole weekend.. too busy having fun!!

Will and Aimee joined us for drinks Saturday night and some creepy guy obsessed with taking pictures kept offering to take one of us with my camera so I finally caved..

Av's game!

Random photography...

This was Buck's work truck after he took me on a treasure hunt to the dump... we almost got stuck!

And these are the treasures I found at the dump!! I am going to try to make something cool out of the boots and barbed wire.. we'll see :]


  1. Yeah!!! Finally a post from Co. Loved it and love all the photos. My son is creative and a softy at heart.... he just likes to act tough. Love ya, MOMMA Pam

  2. I almost killed over and died just now...I am so pleased to see an update. Wow, I am very proud of Buck and his sweet little lovey dovey book...what a girl he is. The cross is super cool. Who leaves boots out in a field? I loved all of the pics. Looking forward to my upcoming visit ; )