Friday, February 12, 2010

A superbowl fit for saints!

Well I know you are all probably freaking out a bit because YES- I am making a second post within one month's time :] Last weekend we had some friends over for the Super Bowl.. well more like extended family haha. Will, Ty, Zac, and Stacy joined us for the game which turned into a dance party, horse talk, and overall a good night!

I have been in a football pool down here with around 15-20 other people that live in the boonies and although I didn't start right away I have been kickin those farm boys butts haha anddd... as a result we have been watching more football trying to keep track of my picks! I didn't win last week in the pool but I did want the Saints to win! Sorry you Indy fans :] anyway enough football.. we have been busy this week Buck has been re-implanting calves, hauling bales, and all sorts of stuff and I had a crazy week at school. I had to give a speech Tuesday and big test on Thursday... yuck!

Another thing that happened since my last post... and I guess I will finally admit that I am a little excited...I was invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma which is like an honor society and is the highest recognition for a business student in the world. I wasn't going to tell anybody but Buck already told my family and friends so I guess the secret's out. I am so lucky to have a great support system that has helped me be successful in my academics. I love you all!

So.. anyway here are some pics from last weekend!!!
"give him a sweet kiss"- photographer Zac haha
A "Fake Wedding" picture...


  1. OMG!! I love this post.... wish those were real weddin pics! ha ha.... Thanks Thea and congrats again you brainiac. Love, MOMMA Pam

  2. Really cute pics!
    ; )

  3. seriously thea, you should just close up shop if you are never going to post!
    ; ) just jokin, I got your message saying that you are having posting problems !