Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our kids and child-sized clothing..

well at several requests for a blog update I thought I would show you some new pictures of our kids.... yes our dogs are pretty much our kids. They are sooo stinkin spoiled and I don't think they lack any lovin.. what do you think?! :] The pics of Buck with a sweater have a funny story... he got that sweater and wore it all the time.. well i shrunk it a little and he was so mad and asked me to be very careful washing it. Well the next weekend Buck did some laundry and forgot the sweater was in there and shrunk it even more!!! Now Hayden will be getting a new sweater HAHA!

this is zip's cut from some wild animal... yikes

this is my favorite pic ever! ^^^ I love my boys

Kyle, Will, and Buck... coyote hunting and came back with 22 rabbits? dorks

Got my hair done the other day and its even blonder than the picture shows! Now I have an excuse if I say something dumb.. lol jk


  1. Thanks !! Finally, I got some funny pics. Love the sweater!!! Love the dogs. Your hair looks great!

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  3. oh my gosh...that is, love, love the sweater...I'll inform Hayden about the new piece of clothing he might be receiving...better yet, probably Case... :)
    Looks like you guys are treating my boys okay...jeez, I thought Buck said you weren't supposed to show the dogs any affection...or let them in the house for that matter...
    Love the rabbit picture...did you have rabbit stew that night?

  4. FINALLY!!! Thanks for the update and the sweater thing is hilarious.... I remember pulling on that sweater when you visited to try and make it fit Buck! Poor bunny rabbits! Those guys are crazy! I LOVE your hair, gorgeous and by the way Congrats again on your AWARD!!! Miss Smartie Pants. Love, MOMMA Pam

  5. what award???? no one told me anything about an award???!!!! When, where, what for??

    and sorry, I forgot to say I love your hair as well!!! Lookin' good in the neighborhood!!

  6. I'll let Thea tell you about her honor!! But I will just say.... she is a smartie!!

  7. haha omg pam i forgot we stretched that sweater out when we came! It just cracks me up he was all mad at me and he was the one to do the major damage! After Buck put it on for the picture it stretched out again so i actually washed it one more time... so I think it is def Case size now. And yea.. about the affection.. I think Buck is an undercover cuddler because he's always curled up on the couch... WITH THE DOGS!uhh :]No rabbit stew for us. SICK! probably get mange or something haha

  8. LMAO!! did you guys have a good weekend? I texted Buck yesterday, but he never answered. MOMMA PAM