Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hellooo Hellooo...

I know I know it has been forever since I have blogged! The best part about that is that now you get like 4 different posts in one! Last weekend Buck got some time off so we hurried back to Kansas to see his family for a couple days. We only got to stay the weekend but we had such a good time! For some reason I did decide to leave my wallet there but that was about the only bad thing about the whole weekend haha.. miss you guys!

Buck and Colt

Buck and his nephew Case, Buck had Case's name for christmas and he bought him some jeans just like his! Case absolutely adores his uncle "bunky"

It was Zip and Newman's first time visiting Granny Pam's house and as you can tell they were tuckered out from the drive. I crack up every time I see these pics!

Buck and Case

Hayden and Pam

Case loved Zipperdoodle

This was supposed to be its own post a looong time ago before christmas but here are a few pics of the ladies I work with at our christmas party.

Miss Becky- She's the boss :]

Pam, DeDe, and Jamie- the best co-workers ever!

Here is a pic from my mom's family christmas at my grandma Mary's house in Kimball, Nebraska. I stole this one from my aunt's facebook page.. I forgot my camera!

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