Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas..

Well finals are finally over and that gave me some time to try and decorate a little...and I mean little haha. I decided it would work to just decorate the tree Pam gave us for decoration in our house.. it looks like a Christmas tree right? I got the boys little stockings matching Buck and mine. :] I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do since I am not studying anymore! Finals went well and I am not so patiently awaiting my final grades. This week is back to work for us both. I am working all week during the month break so I wont be getting too lazy ;] Here are some pics of the Ireland/Saunders house festivities!!

I also bought a little pair of antlers for the dogs when I went to PetSmart the other day. I was thinking if we could get them to sit still it would make a cute Christmas card pic... yeah right!They absolutely hated them but we had fun trying to get some pics.

Newman was soo mad at me for putting them on his head... he just ran and hid under the table.

Winter sunset on the Plains


  1. Those pics of the dogs just crack me up!! They are SOOOO mad! Love, MOMMA Pam

  2. I love sunset. :) Ant all I can think of is that poor little doggie on the grinch hahahaaaaahahah. classic.

  3. great pics thea! I have the wedding festivity images if you want any of them!

  4. You are about as prompt as me at updating your blog!!! ; )