Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cross Country Race and a Few Wrong Turns :]

Well I know it's not what ya'll expected but I still haven't got my pictures downloaded from the new house so I am stealing my sister's pics for a post! Friday we are supposed to get internet so I will be back at it again just in time to leave for Arizona... o well! Last Saturday mom and I went up to see my sister Julia run in Boulder! She goes to school at Western State College and is running cross country, indoor, and outdoor track. At the last minute I decided to go to surprise her so mom and I left.. on time might I add. Needless to say mom and I got lost, took about 5 wrong turns and ended up missing all but the last 200 yards of her race! Oh well we saw the finish right ;] In college cross country they run all different distances and I think this one was around 4 miles or something including a huge hill! I don't know how she does it, I would be walkin up that hill. Anyway it was great to see her since she lives so far away... about 8 hours! Great job Julia! Love ya

Mom, Julia, and I - Can't tell we're related can you?


  1. Your mouths are exactly the same. Love, MOMMA Pam

  2. Great pics..beautiful mountains in the background!

  3. how come you guys stay tan all year??? not fair...

  4. we cheat :] but one thing for sure Julia is always way darker. She must have got more of the indian blood haha