Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well helloooo there! I know I haven't blogged in forever so I thought I would send a little note to keep ya'll updated. For those of you who don't know Buck got a new job at Hickert Land and Cattle down south of Akron a couple weeks ago so we have been packing up! The house we were living in was owned by Buck's old boss so we are moving into a new house provided by the new job. Last night we took the last couple loads down to the new house and moved them in. Buck swears all the "junk" is mine and that before he met me he could have hauled it all in the back of the truck haha right. For those of you who know Buck you know that that boy has a mess of clothes :] Anyway, my camera has been dead but I am planning on charging it tonight and then hopefully posting some pics tomorrow. We don't have internet at the new house yet and it might be a while because it is in the middle of nowhere so I'll just have to do my blogging when I make trips to town or school. So.. ya'll stay tuned :]


  1. Good luck with the move and hope you enjoy the new house. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks...

  2. Good luck.... keep blogging, gotta know what's going on out there in the middle of nowhere! Love, MOMMA Pam