Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jenni and Kent's Kansas party!

This past weekend Buck and I made the trip down to Kansas for his sister Jenni's wedding reception. It was just short trip but we had such a good time! The reception was held at a bed and breakfast place that is nestled back by a creek and surrounded by tons of trees. It's hard to describe but it was beautiful! I guess you'll see... Buck introduced me to so many people I am sure I only remember half of their names but it was great to meet everyone! Here are a few pics from the trip..
hehe ^^^

Just some of the decorations from the night

Traci and Pam are soo creative! They did an awesome job.

This pic was down in a little clearing behind the main place. You have to go down about 30 wooden steps on the side of the creek bank and then you come to this.. and of course Buck is playing with the decorations.

Buck, Hayden, and Emma (Kent's Daughter)

The kids found a turtle

This was the bed and breakfast where we stayed


Buck and Hayden

Emma and her new uncle Bunky haha

Everyone was tired the next day after a long night of dancin and fun!

Jenni and Hayden

look at that mischeivious face

Case absolutely adores Buck!

and this is what I saw all the way home... talk about a boring 8 hours!

Our children sure missed us and were super excited to come home from Granny Chris' house :]


  1. We were so very glad you guys made the trip back for all the fun...
    Thea, it seems you've been part of the family for years, you fit right in and we just love ya!!!
    Bucky, it was great seeing you with the boy's-they love you so much and so do I!!! We all had a great time and had lots of laughs!! It will be a weekend that I'll remember forever!!

  2. Wow, great post thea! Wonderful to meet you. So many laughs. Buck always makes me laugh as we can have fun doing such silly things ; )

    The weekend would not have been the same without you 2 ya-hoos. Thank you for making that not so fun drive to help us celebrate. I had the best time.

  3. Oh, and is Buck "whispering" the dog in that first pic?

  4. Oh.... these pics make me cry!! I miss everyone already. It was an amazing weekend. I was so happy everyone came home. Love, MOMMA Pam

  5. I miss you guys too...

    Thea and Buck...can you guys come back this weekend for the boys' birthday party?!?!!? It would only be a 10hr drive!?!?!?!

    Jenni...can you be there too??!?!?!

  6. Haha yes I think buck was having a heart to heart with damnit!! I guess maybe we need to invest in our own 2seater plane and I can just switch to pilot school ;] It was awesome to see all you guys and to finally meet Jenni! I felt like we had already met! Can't wait for the wedding
    love ya'll

  7. Lets all meet up about every month or so to keep this fun going!
    Yes, Traci, I will be there for the bday party...(i wish : ( )

  8. Hi Thea!
    Can you please let me know Buck's measurements as soon as possible..

    Thanks, hope all is well your way!