Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hairizona..A Whole New Worla

I know I am a little late getting these up but I have had some internet issues out here in the boonies! I have so many pictures but these ones are from the car rides.. Traci, Hayden, and Case picked Buck and I up and we made the 17-18 hour drive to Phoenix! It was extremely tiring and boring but we kept each other entertained... and awake for that matter. Hayden was cracking us up with the way he said world=worla squirrel = squirrela and Merl = Merla hence the name for the post! I could have wrote a book with all the cute things Hayden and Case said the whole weeked.. We miss you guys!

Case and I

Buck just loved his turns in the back seat. It seems like the boys knew how to make them extra special haha

Soo pretty

Hayden and I

Buck and the boys coloring on the way back. 18 hours is a looong time.. you get a little loony :]

This was just a portion of Case's "stash". That kid is a bottomless pit and at probably half the snacks! Whenever we stopped a whole avalanche of crap fell out his door.

So... going through New Mexico we went through many reservations and Buck and I thought it would be funny to buy the boys an indian dress up set at the Navajo Truck Stop especially because it was Traci's turn in the back seat!! She didn't appreciate it as much as we expected ;]


  1. LMAO.... this is sooooo funny. Buck looked for disgusted in every pic in the "buhicle". You guys had such a longgggggg trip. But you were all troopers. Love ya, MOMMA Pam

  2. What a freakin' ride...even though it was way too long to be in a vehicle, I had a fantastic time with you guys and have a lifetime of memories and laughter I can call upon for years to come!!! Thank you.

  3. Every time I look at these I crack up!! I guess you just had to be there but man my abs hurt so bad from laughing. I am still having withdrawls.. hopefully see you guys soon!