Sunday, August 30, 2009

Congrats Kyle and Vanessa!

Last night Buck and I went to a wedding reception for two of our friends Kyle and Vanessa Zimmerman. Kyle and his brother Will used to work with Buck at the feedlot. Their parents, Mark and Kathy are some good friends of ours and if we aren't at home we're probably at their house cooking out or playing horseshoes! Kyle and Vanessa got married about a month or so ago in Florida so this was their Colorado party. They served dinner and then had a dance afterwards. We had so much fun and it was great to see many of our good friends. As always I had my camera handy so here are a few pics from the night!

Will, Mark, Buck, and Kyle

Buck and Mark

Buck and Kathy dancin

Billy and Willy :]

Kyle, Mark, Me, Buck, Will, Aimee
and in the front Nessa and Kathy

Will, Mark, and Buck - such a good pic!
Newlyweds Vanessa and Kyle Zimmerman on the left!

Buck tryin to teach me some texas dancin stuff, apparently I have the rhythm of his great grandma but I didn't care I was just shocked I got him to dance! :]

No, that is not my hand on Buck's shoulder haha it looks so funny! It's kyle's hand I just cropped him out! The picture didn't turn out as a whole but I thought our expressions were just too good!



  1. Way cute pics! That was a nice post. Keep them coming Thea. You guys look great and looks like fun was had by all : )

  2. NICE.... wish I had been there!

  3. Cute pictures...looks like you little rascals had a really good time!!!!