Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Zip a dee do da!

Well I figured I would post a few more pics of Zip since the first ones turned out so cute! He is such a playful thing and isn't scared of anything. Tonight when I was feeding the calves he ran right in the pen weaving in and out of their legs and trying to suck on the black one! Needless to say he left the pen quickly- being head butted by a calf! Didn't phase him a bit...
Newman caught chasin calves!!

My favorite!!

Already learning bad habits from Newman! His favorite place is my flower garden.

Calf slobber...



  1. I just have one question.... why is Zip on the furniture? As i recall, Newman wasn't allowed to get on the new furniture, why is Zip? That's just not fair. Love, the video and the pic of him chewing on Buck's spur!! Love, hearing Buck and the video. sounds like a rattlesnake. Love, MOMMA Pam

  2. haha good question momma pam! Yea.. it took me a while to convince him into letting me take the video but it turned out soo cute!