Sunday, September 6, 2009

Loads of Randomness :]

Well here are a ton of pics of totally random things we have been up to the past week! I always put off uploading them because it is kind of a pain in the butt so by the time I got around to it we have accumulated a few stories :]

First and foremost >> the long-awaited glorious new handmade hat (I thought Buck was going to set up a tent by the mailbox)

The newest colt - he doesn't have a name...yet. But seriously I am wondering what the heck is up with all the testosterone at this dang house! Another boy.. ugh

Buck's new saddle - I hate this dang thing.. Buck spends more time with it than me!

Enjoyin the last days of summer

The new colt and Nadine (the trailer?!)

What the heck? Has he been watchin Newman and Zip already. My flowers are doomed

Finally we got a new washer and dryer! All summer I only had a washer so I had to hang everything on the line and it was such a pain. The other day my mom found a good deal on a washer and dryer so this is the picture story of trying to get them installed. It was quite the ordeal and even though Buck was thoroughly frustrated and losing his patience... I managed to take a few pics :]

"Thea put that damn camera away :]"

This is what our dog was doing the whole time! He's so cute

I put this at the end so I wouldn't scare ya'll off. :] Buck got kicked by a cow the other day... yikes.
And to make this post even more random I thought I would put this pic up. That's one of the bulls where Buck works next to a pretty good sized cow! It's soo huge!


  1. LOVE the pictures of Buck installing the washer/dryer...I didn't know he was so domesticated...those are funny...I bet he was really cranky doing that and seeing the camera...

    Looks like he might give more attention to his new hat than to Zip!! Poor little baby puppy...

    Love all the excited you guys have a blog so we can actually see how you guys live and laugh!! :)

  2. Buck...such a, not! Love, the hat, saddle, Nadine, Zip, etc. thanks for sharing. Love, MOMMA Pam

  3. haha he is a handyman! But then again I wasn't going to let him leave the mud room til I could do laundry! ;]

  4. Is buck getting fresh with the dryer?