Friday, September 13, 2013

Pregnancy Fitness & Accountability

So as many of you know Buck and I are expecting a baby in March! We are so excited and can't wait to find out what we will be having!! I think it is a girl and Buck thinks it is a boy.typical right lol.. soooo we will see here in a month or so.

Right now I am about 15 weeks along... or will be tomorrow. I am feeling really good except for a little fat at the moment. I have had one doctors appointment and at that appointment I had gained .9lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight so I was happy with that...... I have a feeling it won't be so good at my next appointment which is Tuesday!

After talking with my doctor, I know it will be important for me to keep my weight down during this pregnancy since it is already so hard for me to lose weight. On the other hand I know this is going to be hard because I am STARVING and have no energy to work out. I have to be realistic here.... I am going to gain weight... but that doesn't mean I can't make healthy choices....So I have decided I am going to use my blog to keep my accountable as well as give "bumpdates" :) aka the belly pics. I know someday I will want to look back on this time and I won't be able to remember it if I don't document it somehow!

Yesterday I went and renewed my gym membership and did this workout:

10 min of 30 sec sprints 30 sec rest @ 8.0mph
Squat side twist with 20lb weight (10 each side)
Side Kick with 20lb weight (10 each side)
Side Burpees 5 each side
Plank tricep kickbacks with 7.5lb weight 15 each side
15 girly pushups
15 reverse pullups on squat rack bar
20 V crunches
20 side plank knee to elbow crunches with 7.5lb weight 10 each side
10 min walking incline going down 1.0 each minute at 3.5mph

Total workout was about 40min and I got a good sweat in! Now I just need to do that a few more times a week haha!

Well I will leave you with a "belly pic" :) even though it is an old one!

At 12 Weeks

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