Friday, April 5, 2013

101 in 1001: Update

Another update on 101 in 1001! I am determined to work on the rest of my 101's and get them done soon! I added some more but still have 11 left to go!... Red ones are done and Blue means in progress :]

In other news... our internet service is awful at home and we are trying to work it out but the company wants to charge an unGodly fee for early termination...from a contract I didn't even sign...please hold while I LOSE MY MIND!!! Businesses these days... I tell ya....

I have been reading my favorite blogs a lot lately and it kind of has me inspired to start making regular posts on this one... guess we will see how far I get on that :]


1.Own a longhorn

2. Buy Old Gringo Boots Well- technically I 'bought' old gringo boots. They were SO pretty and I loved them but they wouldn't fit my fat calves!!! I wanted to wear them with my wedding dress but had to settle for another pair.
3. Get a new laptop

4. Have a Fireplace

5. Louis Vuitton Bag

6. Get a sewing machine - My mom gave me her old sewing machine! The one I learned to sew on when I was little :] It needs some TLC but hopefully I can get it up and running soon!

7. Buy a video camera

8. Make BCD an LLC

9. Double my salary

10. Stock, and keep up Etsy store and Abbie's

11. Send a message in a bottle

12. Ride in a limo (again)

13. Spend a day quilting with grandma

14. Learn to Rope

15. Golf a whole course

16. Make 10 crock-pot meals- I have made two! Pulled pork and Sesame Chicken

17. Learn two songs on the guitar

18. Have a successful garden - Working on this! going to try a raised bed garden this year... we shall see!

19. Make fruit leather

20. Run for a cause

21. Send Christmas Cards

22. Cook Something in a fry daddy - Received a fry daddy for our wedding and I have used it several times now! I don't really like the stuff that comes out of it (hurts my stomach!) but Buck sure does :]
23. Find a horse I trust and ride it faster than ever

24. Play my old piano

25. Get my passport - Got my passport for our honeymoon to HERE!

26. Leave a 100% tip

27.Make an entire outfit I love by hand

28.Send Birthday cards all year

29. Take a photography class

30. Get my concealed weapon permit

31. Take CPR Class

32. Go to a drive in movie (again)

33. Take Buck to an NFL Game- We went to one last fall! Broncos vs. Browns and it was so fun.

34. Skydive

35. Get another tattoo

36. Get over my fear of needles

37. Climb a fourteener

38. Start a family tradition

39. Sing Kareoke

40. Buy at least ten lottery tickets - I bought 3 so far!

41. Ride in a hot air balloon

42. Go junk hunting in Texas

43. Find a church I like and go

44. Make a map of places Buck and I have been together

45. Host a Theme Party

46.Make a scrapbook

47. Ride the Amtrak Somewhere

48. Eat Seafood fresh by the ocean

49. Go to Big Bend Texas

50. Attend the Kentucky Derby - Went this year! It was so fun but VERY expensive and I don't think I want to go again- The lines were so long Buck and I stayed in the same place shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people just trying to get out the gate to our car. We ended up walking 2 miles to our car.. people were passing out left and right and I totally felt like cattle in a chute!

51. Visit 5 states I have never been to... on my way to all 50 states!

52. Wear shorts in the summer. And feel good about it

53. Have a baby

54. Keep up my blog

55. Get up at 5am every weekday morning for a month

56. Make 50 things I found on Pinterest

57. Clean the house and take stuff to the Goodwill

58. Create a 'House Binder' with pretty much all my Go-To info in it.

59. Do a front flip on a trampoline and land it.

60. Buy that camera lens I have always wanted

61. See Miranda Lambert in concert

62. 150. nuff said

63. Turn Grandma Mary's recipes into a book

64. Find out my blood type

65. Shape up my e-mail accounts so I don't have so much junk!

66. Go on a random road trip for more than 1 day

67. Pay off my credit card

68. Go to Vegas

69. See the Grand Canyon

70. Make 5 photo books

71.  Clean and Sell Wedding Dress

72. Fly First Class

73. Take another college class/go back to school/LSAT

74. Go to a KU basketball game

75. Learn to successfully drive a stick shift (without killing it)

76. Repaint red dresser at dads

77. Go to Mile High Flea Market

78. Take a Spanish Class

79. Make a T-Shirt Quilt

80. Buy a dumpster to recycle cans/bottles
81. Complete Advocare 24 day challenge

82. Go camping/fishing 2x a year

83. Backup my laptop on an external hard drive

84. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

85. Go to a vineyard

86. Do something memorable with just my two sisters

87. Write a letter to a politician

88. Get Eyelash Extensions

89. Organize and clean each room in my house (0/14)

90. Make a time capsule, bury it, make a map & put it in my SD box.

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