Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long Time- No Blog

Well hello there, Ahem HELLLOOOO!

Not sure anyone is out there still but now that I have high-speed internet I am determined to start blogging again :] Since last post a lot has happened, and I mean a lot! We have moved to a new house on the Price
Ranch. Buck still works for the same outfit but is now taking care of lots of cows (& their babies awwwwwww). I have graduated college and have a new job at the Bank of Colorado in Yuma. I really love it at our new house and love my new job. Buck is pretty happy as well to be away from the feedlot and the fields. I have some plans of things I want to post but since it is a little late I will just add some pics of the cows & calves I took today. As for the rest... STAY TUNED!!! :]

Our new home
While the mommas are away.. the babies will play

My favorites are the speckled face calves. Adorable.



Cute little guy isn't he!
More to come <3

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