Monday, November 9, 2009

"Well, I guess we'll just turn around!"

This last weekend Buck and I decided we would take a mini vacation so we went down to Colorado Springs and spent the night. It is nice living out here in the country but every once in a while it's just good to get away and actually back to civilization! Saturday we drove to the springs and our first stop was the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.... this is where the title of the blog comes into play. You see we didn't really have a map and neither of us really know where we are going in CoSprings so I must have taken 5 wrong turns just trying to get to the dang hall of fame! It didn't get any better from there we got lost pretty much everywhere we went and my solution was just to turn around! Buck was very patient with me and tried to help me... his advice "Wherever you think you should go and you think you should turn, well just do the opposite and that will probably be right" what a sweetie ;]. Sunday we went to the Garden of the Gods which was absolutely beautiful! We had such a good time and the best part- it was free! On the way home we stopped in Castle Rock to eat at Chili's. All of a sudden the manager of the place started waiting on us which we thought was a little strange. When he brought us our ticket he said that Jennifer had called and taken care of our lunch! We were so surprised she is the best! After lunch we met Jennifer, Jayla, Kelli, and Jamie at the outlets for a little shopping before we left for home. It was a fun mini vacation but we were happy to be back home. Here are some pics from the trip....


  1. AWESOME pictures Thea...the black and white one...Buck's face reminds me of!! Maybe you shouldn't tell him that!! You two look so sweet and in love!!!! Ahhh, to be young!! :)
    I love Buck's solution to all the wrong turns...I've laughed out loud two times reading that part...he's so helpful!! Love the bronc rider statue!! Glad you finally found it!!

  2. That is just wonderful Thea.
    So glad you got to hand with my BFF !

  3. These are beautiful pictures Thea!