Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flowers, Friends, and Fluffy Clouds!

Well this week has just flown by! Without homework every night it feels like I am on vacation.. or maybe this is what a "summer" is supposed to be like. The clouds were so cool the other night!! They were kind of pink but when I took the picture they really looked pink! I was outside taking pictures and I made Buck and Ty take one with the awesome background. They look pretty excited right!? ;]

The calves are gettin big!! Newman still doesn't like them very much and when I feed them he sits next to me and bites their necks in between catching drips of milk!! My sisters were out the other day and Julia named them Eezma and Kronk (off of the Emperor's New Groove).... interesting to say the least but since they are calves and not house pets it's whatever :]

A few pics of the flowers that have made it this far! Even with my horrible watering patterns...


  1. Great pictures Thea...Buck and his friend look like they're very cranky!!

    Those clouds were awesome...and your flowers look great...I love growing flowers all summer!!

  2. LOVE the clouds!
    Great blog so far, excited to follow your posts/pics : )
    Looking forward to meeting you Thea.

  3. Thea.... you need to blog more often!!! We want to know what is happening out that way!! Love, MOMMA PAM